Tissu Quotidien.

French for “common cloth” (we’re Montréal based if you couldn’t tell). All our goods are made from 100% terry cloth, a microfiber towel-like material. Our textiles are unpretentious but are meant for the elaborate.

Our founders Natasha and Crystal brewed up TQ in the summer of 2020 after discussing how much they missed travelling. That sparked the idea of our first product - the Chace bag. A toiletry case that was both aesthetically pleasing and practical.  By fusing both girls’ respective strengths of a creative eye and product developer, Tissu Quotidien has developed into full-on lifestyle brand available online & in select retailers. 

Our fabric is subtle; but our values are not.
Tissu Quotidien is committed to ethical sourcing & production, creating goods with intent of longevity and giving back to mental health initiatives.